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A wise man said, "If you want to make enemies, talk politics and if you want to make friends talk sex!
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Which type of girls wears transparent dresses?
The girls not having any confidence on imagination power of a man!
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The trouble with being the best man at a wedding is, that you
never get to prove it!
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What's the difference between Richard Branson and Vijay Mallya?
Richard Branson's airline is Virgin and Vijay Mallya's airline is Screwed!
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How do you recognize your computer Mouse is a male or a female?
If there's a Pad underneath, it's a female!
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It has been determined that having sex before participating in athletic activity, such as a marathon race, does not impair the athlete's abilities.
In fact, men have known and practiced this for centuries.
After sex, they glance at their watches and say, Oops, gotta run!
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Jack: It's just too hot to wear clothes today, but what would the neighbors think if I mowed the lawn naked?
Wife: That I married you for your money!
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5 missed calls from your girlfriend, means...
You missed a good fuck!

5 missed calls from your wife,
You are fucked!
Of course, men are like babies. The first sight of a nipple and they can't think of anything else!
Punjabi is the only language in the world where "Do not fuck" is called "Vagina"!