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What do you call a techie nerd with a cute ass?
Sundar Pichai!
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A good woman will make you a sandwich.
A great woman will blow you while you eat it!
Today I asked my girlfriend why she chose me.
She told me because Vibrators can't buy drinks!
A crashing economy can affect your sex life drastically.
I am one of the victims. My Neighbour's husband lost his job... and he is always at home now!
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To those who silently laugh at my posts but never react...
may they catch a cramp in their legs while they're having sex!
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A responsible penis wakes up before its owner!
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Pappu: Tumhe Kaisa Boyfriend Chahiye?
Girl: Jo Mujhe Time De, Pyaar De, Respect De, Appreciation De... Tumhein Kaisi Girlfriend Chahiye?
Pappu: Jo Mujhe De!
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I am a woman. I have ovaries. That's why I ovary act!
Supreme Court rejects plea to ban porn in India.
Faith in judiciary restored!
Sometimes life will fuck you and you'll just have to change position and try to enjoy it somehow!