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Punjab to enforce strict lockdown on weekends (Saturday and Sunday) is like, "Baby, Upar Upar Se Kar Lo"! #PunjabLockdown
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Take it easy people. Pretty soon, you'll be able to kiss and have sex with the one you love.
But for now, just stay home and do it with the one you are married to!
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What is mutual understanding?
Wife: I love you.
Husband: Kitne Paise Chahiye?

Husband: I love you.
Wife: Ruko, Bachhe Soye Nahi Abhi!
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Son: Dad, is there any place where people love everyone no matter their race colour or sexuality?
Dad: Yes son, it's called Pornhub!
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Man: Forgive me Father for I have sinned. I messaged dirty jokes, porn videos, and view naked women's pictures on my mobile.
Father: Forward all your sins to me!
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During the middle ages, they celebrated the end of the plague with wine and orgies.
Does anyone know if they have anything similar planned when this one ends?
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Coronavirus has established a connection between Nasal Cavity and the Anus.
Moment one sneezes Sabki Gaand Phatne Lagti Hai!
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With females wearing my masks, KLPD can seldom happen!
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After watching how some people wear their masks, I understand why contraception fails!
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Heads up bro...
When a Bengali girl says
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