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Just heard that Victoria's Secret launched a new bra called 'CROATIA'.
It has a lot of support, but no cup!
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If you can make a woman laugh you are almost there.
If you are almost there and then she laughs, that's a different story!
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Bahut Dino Se Ek Sawal Mujhe Pareshan Kar Raha Hai Ki Agar Daakiya Daak Lekar Aata Hai Toh Chutiye Chut Lekar Kyon Nahi Aate!
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Which person is completely opposite of Putin?
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Divorce Petition:
Judge: So you want a divorce from your husband for attacking you with a deadly weapon?
Wife: No. I want a divorce for attacking me every night with a dead weapon!
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'Kirloskar Pumps' have done the magic on saving the Thai children.
Indians have always excelled when it comes to pumping in Thailand!
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A lesson from Thai Cave:
When you see a hole, don't simply go in!
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English Newspaper Headlines:
We must say sorry to gays.
~ Pope.

Punjabi Paper Headlines:
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The most tricky question asked by a girlfriend.
Meri Yaad Aane Par Khada Hota Hai Ya Khada Hone Par Meri Yaad Aati Hai?
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Avoid being more romantic with your girlfriend in MONSOON...
Otherwise, she will become MOM SOON!
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