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After researchers found that women who jog without a bra get longer breasts, some men have started running without underwear!
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Bisexual (adj.)
The ability to reach down someone's pants and be satisfied with whatever you find!
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Today at the gym I asked a girl what her new year's resolution was.
She said, "Fuck you".
So I'm pretty excited for 2019!
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Breaking News:
There was a fire in a brothel.
Some came out running, some ran out coming!
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Porn ban in India:
As I had said before, No Achhe Din and now No Achhi Raat.
No wonder people are gravitating towards the Hand!
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Men are less complicated. They think, love and urinate from the same place!
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What do you call a person who begs for sex?
A Fuckeer!
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Lady to Doctor: When I was unmarried, I had 6 abortions. Now I am married but can't get pregnant.
Doctor: You are a "Wild Bird" you can't breed in a ZOO!
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Bunty: How do you make your girlfriend scream during sex?
Pappu: Call her and tell her about it!
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Principal: Keep your son under proper control.
Santa: What happened, sir?
Principal: In the sex column, he writes - never got an opportunity!
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