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Sometimes life will fuck you and you'll just have to change position and try to enjoy it somehow!
The latest bra from Victoria's Secret is called Indian cricket. So much form, so much to show but no cup!
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Wife: Alexa, I need to order food for my husband.
Alexa: Don't worry, your husband doesn't really relish food while getting a Thai massage!
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My wife wanted to disgrace me in the presence of her friends, she said I wasn't good in bed.
She was shocked when they all disagreed with her!
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A humble appeal to all the ladies. Please don't wear T-shirts with a lot of printed words on it. It takes time to read all that and then our wives misunderstand us.

Married Men Association
I believe in love at first sight... but cheap people call it erection!
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A wise man said, "If you want to make enemies, talk politics and if you want to make friends talk sex!
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Which type of girls wears transparent dresses?
The girls not having any confidence on imagination power of a man!
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The trouble with being the best man at a wedding is, that you
never get to prove it!
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What's the difference between Richard Branson and Vijay Mallya?
Richard Branson's airline is Virgin and Vijay Mallya's airline is Screwed!
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