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A frustrated MBA fresher's Facebook update:
After so many interviews, I've realized that prostitution is the only industry, that treats freshers like angels!
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Girl: What shall I wear tonight?
Boy: Just close your eyes and tell me what did you see?
Girl: Nothing.
Boy: Exactly!
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The best thing about dating Dracula?
The non-stop oral every month for a whole week!
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America and North Korea both have a Nuclear button, but since it's men trying to find it, we're probably safe!
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What kind of bees make milk?
Picture SMS 86697
Girlfriend: Do these pants make my ass look fat?
Boyfriend: No... but they make your camel toe look like a club foot!
Picture SMS 86680
Employee: Sir, Iss Saal Salary Kitni Badha Rahe Ho?
Boss: ➰ 〰
Employee: Yeh Kya Hai Sir?
Boss: Jhaant Barabar!
Picture SMS 86656
May the fleas of a thousand camels infest the arse of anyone who fucks up your new year and may their arms be too smart to scratch it.
All the best for 2018!
Picture SMS 86655
Don't make jokes on boobs they are already D-pressed!
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What did I learn today?
If you stand naked in the snow for ten minutes, it makes waxing your balls much easier!
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