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Dear God,
My prayers to bring some sex in my life wasn't an invitation for the Government to start screwing me!
Life Milti Hai Ek Baar;
Maut Aati Hai Ek Baar;
Pyaar Hota Hai Ek Baar;
Dil Toot Ta Hai Ek Baar;
Jab Sab Kuch Hota Hai Ek Baar,
To Laude Kyon Lagte Hain Baar-Baar!
There are 2 ways of living life:
1. Ab Kya Hoga Bhenchod
2. Bhenchod Jo Hoga Dekha Jayega

Place Bhenchod correctly and move on in life!
Dating tip:
If she eats french fries using a fork, she's probably not gonna do that thing you like!
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That guy in the class who comes up with a doubt at the end of the lecture and extends the class!
What do you call a techie nerd with a cute ass?
Sundar Pichai!
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A good woman will make you a sandwich.
A great woman will blow you while you eat it!
Today I asked my girlfriend why she chose me.
She told me because Vibrators can't buy drinks!
A crashing economy can affect your sex life drastically.
I am one of the victims. My Neighbour's husband lost his job... and he is always at home now!
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To those who silently laugh at my posts but never react...
may they catch a cramp in their legs while they're having sex!
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