Pro tip:
Confusion on what gift to buy for your wife's birthday?
Tell her you already got something and make her guess. She'll list the things she wants one by one!
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Marriage is the process where the husband slowly finds out from his wife what kind of a man she would have preferred!
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Pro Tip for husbands:
If you tell your wife that she looks too good for her age, she'll not consider it as a compliment.
Telling from my own experience!
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I thought the movie "Transformers" was about what women are best in doing once they get married!
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Some days I get a feeling that my wife married me only because she needed someone to carry all these shopping bags!
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l don't understand how God managed to give only Ten Commandments for the whole world.
My wife has given 182 commandments just for me!
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My wife loves me so much.
First, she renewed my life insurance policy for a higher sum and then bought me a solo vacation package to China!
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Marriage is so fun that I had to apologize for something I did in my wife's dream!
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Not sure if I'm more upset with my wife referring to our anniversary as the "annual appraisal" or the fact that I got a C grade!
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Marriage is always about two-way communication and mutual understanding.
I say what I want, my wife says what she wants and then we do what she wants!
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