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Girl: Come over.
Boy: To do what?
Girl: Chill.
Boy: I don't chill. That's how you end up with 'chil-dren'!
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Girl: Talk dirty to me.
Boy: Cough on me, you nasty virus infected slut!
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Girlfriend: Babu Mere Alawa Tumhari Koi Aur Girlfriend Toh Nahi Hai Na?
Boyfriend: Baby Suck Karo Shak Nahi!
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Boy: Can I confess something?
Girl: Sure.
Boy: Your smile is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.
Girl: Kuch Bhi Bolo, Main Nahi Dungi!
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Girl: Do you love me?
Boy: Yes
Girl: To Tum Mujhe Rose Kyon Nahi Dete?
Boy: Main To Tumhein Roz Dena Chahta Hoon, Lekin Tum Roz Logi?
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Girl: Relationship Mein Time Dena Seekho.
Boy: Tum Bhi Time Pe Dena Seekho!
My Girlfriend and I did it in bed for 2 hours last night.
‪But we still didn't finish the argument!
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Girl: Do you like Veg or Non-Veg?
Boy: Veg.
Girl: What do you like in Veg?
Boy: CleaVeg!
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Girl: What shall I wear tonight?
Boy: Just close your eyes and tell me what did you see?
Girl: Nothing.
Boy: Exactly!
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Boy: Want to hear a joke about my dick? Never mind, it's too long.
Girl: Wanna hear a joke about my pussy? Never mind, you won't get it!