Happy, happy birthday! You deserve all the cakes, love, hugs and happiness today. Enjoy your day my friend!
Wish you a very happy and joyful birthday!
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True friends like you are priceless. May our friendship continue to grow stronger with each passing year.
Wish you a very Happy Birthday, Dear Friend!
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Through thick and thin, you were always there for me. Just know that I'll always be there for you when you need me.
Happy Birthday Dear Friend!
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I was thinking to gift something cool, funny and amazing, then suddenly I remember you already have me in your life.
Happy Birthday, dear friend!
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Let the God decorate each glode ray of the Sun reaching you with wishes of success, happiness and prosperity.
Happy Birthday dear friend!
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You're one of the few people whose birthday I remember without a Facebook reminder.
Happy a rollicking birthday!
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Congrats to my super mate!
Have a bestest birthday!
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May your life be like good wine; tasty, sharp and clear.
And like good wine, may it improve with every passing year.
Wish you a very Happy Birthday dear friend!
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Sending all my care and affections on your birthday to keep your heart warm the whole year through.
Happy Birthday, my dearest friend!
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Happy birthday to my best friend, the one I care about the most!
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