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Punjab to enforce strict lockdown on weekends (Saturday and Sunday) is like, "Baby, Upar Upar Se Kar Lo"! #PunjabLockdown
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Coronavirus has established a connection between Nasal Cavity and the Anus.
Moment one sneezes Sabki Gaand Phatne Lagti Hai!
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Masks are going to be just like condoms.
You don't like wearing them, but you keep one on you just in case they don't let you in without one!
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Masks are apparently the new bra.
They are uncomfortable, you only wear them in public and when you don't wear one everyone notices!
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Did you know that 'Bat Soup' is a million time stronger than Viagra?
You drink a plate and fuck the whole world!
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Chinese Govt. released the name of the citizen of Wuhan who was the first carrier of the virus.
His name is Lay Lee Sub Kee!
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Imagine surviving all this unprotected sex only to die of unprotected handshake!
#Covid-19 #Coronavirus
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Corona Virus Stages in India:

Stage 1 - China Wale Chutiye Hain
Stage 2 - Corona Hamari Jhaant Nahi Ukhaad Sakta
Stage 3 - Bhenchod Gaand Toh Fat Rahi Hai
Stage 4 - Bhenchod Lag Gaye Laude
Stage 5 - Bhagwan Is Baar Bacha Le!
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The toilet paper crisis confirms that we have more assholes than we thought!
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All those people resorting to panic buying:
Make sure you stock up condoms, so you don't produce any more idiots!
#Covid_19 #Coronavirus
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