People often say that:
They were cheated in love, but they forget -
One who cheats never loves;
And one who loves never cheats!
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Sometimes the best way to stay close to someone you love is by being "Just a friend"!
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L - Lake of Beer
O - Ocean of Whisky
V - Valley of Rum
E - End of stock (bar closed)
Love is injurious to health. So simply avoid love!
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I am sorry for being so emotional;
I am sorry of being so possessive;
I am sorry that I cry for you;
I am sorry because I can't live without you!
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You're kissable and cuddly;
You're lovable and sweet.
You thrill me every minute;
And sweep me off my feet.
You're charming and disarming;
Likebale, desirable and true.
You inspire and impress me;
And that's why I love you!
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Love is like a "Hot Chilly",
It not only sizzles but keeps your eyes wet!
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Love is when you have a telephonic conversation for hours without a single "Aur Batao"!
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Someone who makes more efforts to have you in their life is... someone who doesn't want to lose you!
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Love is like a stapler pin.
It's easy to attach but hard to detach; and the worst is when finally you are able to detach it, it still leaves the paper damaged!
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Laugh a lot till you breathe;
Love as long as you live!