When I'm sad, please don't ask me what's wrong. Just hug me!
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It hurts when you have someone in your heart and can't have them in your arms!
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Infatuation is when you find somebody who is absolutely perfect. Love is when you realize that they aren't and it doesn't matter!
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Dance as if no ones watching!
Love as if its never going to hurt!
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I'm a cop and you are under arrest on account of being you.
It is illegal to be as lovable as you are.
Now you get a life sentence in my heart.
Picture SMS 66358
I feel like hugging you and rolling around with you in bed; and bury my face in your chest and get carried away to ecstasy in your masculine fragrance!
Picture SMS 66311
I love you even more than when I began writing this message!
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You are my dream in my sleep.
You are my vision in my eye.
You are my smile on my lips.
You are beat of my heart.
You are Angel in my prayer.
You are light of my life!
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If life forced us not to be together, please keep me in your heart I promise to stay there forever!
Picture SMS 65756
I will wait till the day I can forget You;
Or the day you realize You cannot forget Me!
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