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He proposed marriage because she promised she will make him try different positions.
Now he is a husband, driver and cook!
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What is mutual understanding?
Wife: I love you.
Husband: Kitne Paise Chahiye?

Husband: I love you.
Wife: Ruko, Bachhe Soye Nahi Abhi!
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Wife: Honey the vacuum is not sucking.
Husband: Frustrating isn't it!
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There is love without sex and there's sex without love.
And then there are we married couples without both!
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My wife is so frigid, her tits must be tips of icebergs.
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Wife: Our vacuum cleaner has stopped sucking.
Husband: Maybe it got married?
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I was so excited when my wife texted me that she wanted to be on top tonight.
Didn't have a clue that she was talking about the bunk bed that we bought last week!
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A man and a woman can just be friends with no sex involved.
It's called marriage!
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1st year of marriage: Great sex! Now let's cuddle and fall asleep.
10th year of marriage: Sex? We just did that in April!
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Ambulances and women have a lot in common. They both make a lot of noise to let you know that they're coming!
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