If a man has a lock on his phone, has it on silent and always places it facedown: it's because he is protecting his grandma's precious recipes!
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Don't worry about what I'm doing, worry about why you are worried about what I'm doing!
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The world is getting too sensitive.
Soon I won't be able to make fun of myself without people getting offended!
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Technically, All the money you've spent on food has been flushed down the toilet!
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Rich people have affairs and poor people cheat!
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The only thing that's worse than being ignored by the other gender is being ignored by automatic door sensors!
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I'm not sure where women go to learn to argue, but that place is awesome!
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What did I learn today?
Every invention takes time to develop and to work out the kinks. I mean, even Kleenex was nothing to sneeze at in the beginning!
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Today I realized that erasers slowly sacrifice their lives for our mistakes!
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Being an introvert allows me to care about humanity and despise human beings, simultaneously!
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