A Chinese man next to me coughs.
Me: Aisa Mat Corona Bhai!
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W - wash hands
U - use mask properly
H - have temperature checked regularly
A - avoid large crowds
N - never touch your face with unclean hands
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No one has still answered the most critical question in the finance budget.
Can we still buy two bottles at the Duty Free Shop!
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Gareebo Ko Mili Subsidy, Ameeron Ko Mila Rebate;
Middle Class Tum TV Dekho, Tumko Mila Debate!
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Percentage of Indians paying taxes in India - 5%.
Percentage of Indians upset with new income tax slabs - 90%
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Budget Update:
All those who want a net gain of Rs 60000 and above watch ZEE News and Republic
All those who want to see that there is an overall loss of 10-20000, watch India Today and Aaj Tak.
All those who want to see there is an overall loss of 50000, watch NDTV and ABP News
All those who are convinced it's not going to make a difference of more than Rs 30 to 40, watch Netflix!
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According to news, Kingfisher and Jet Airways are demanding loan to restart their operation for one day... just to ban Kunal Kamra!
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Meghan Markle - the only woman in the world who married a prince and then made him a frog!
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What did one illegal immigrant say to an Indian Muslim in the hotel?
The bill is on me!
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Earlier it uses to buy onions.
Now it's only bye onions!
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