Wild bananas often contain large seeds: the bananas we eat have been specially bred over the years to be seedless.
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Eat at least one banana every alternate day, drink coconut water or lime juice with water as they are power houses of nutrients. They all help in maintaining the chemical balance of your body - especially in Summers.
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Procure Mangoes only from a trusted source and ask for the ones - that have not been treated with chemicals for ripening them.
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LITCHIS - also spelled as Lychee:
1. Wrap them in a wet towel and store it in a refrigerator for longer shelf life and for retaining its flavour.
2. Also buy ripened Litchis
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A knife and fork hybrid does exist - it's called a 'Knork'.
Ketchup was originally made with mushrooms, not tomatoes.
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Eating bacon can help you live longer because it contains niacin.
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Potato chips were invented after a chef lost his temper with a customer who kept asking for his potatoes to be more fried and thinner.
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Chocolate has an anti-bacterial effect on the mouth and protects against both decay.
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Onions have been proven to lower cholesterol, reduce chances of a stroke, and reduce chances of various types of cancer.
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