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Pick-Up Line for the 21st Century:
But if you die a virgin, think of all those terrorists waiting for you!
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Breaking News:
China has stopped exporting sex toys with immediate effect.
Says, "Go Fuck Yourself"!
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The difference between being hungry and being horny is where you put the cucumber!
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China has the largest population not because the men are extra horny nor women the men are extra fertile, but because their condoms are 'Made in China'!
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Could this have been possible without English language skills?
"Four insurance companies are in competition.
One comes up with the slogan, "Coverage from the cradle to the grave."
The second one tries to improve on that with, "Coverage from the womb to the tomb."
Not to be outdone, the third one comes up with, "From the sperm to the worm."
The fourth insurance company really thought hard and almost gave up the race, but finally came up with, "From the erection to the resurrection!"
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Doctor: So what is the most important thing that's missing from your sex life?
Husband: Sex!
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I wonder what chairs think about all day:
"Oh, here comes another asshole!"
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What is the perfect example of both Good and Bad Luck?
The naughty wind blows the girl's skirt high (Good Luck)
but at the same time dust falls into the boy's eyes (Bad Luck)!
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What is the difference between a Clitoris and Foster Lager?
A Clitoris only tastes like piss for a second!
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She used Vaseline to give me a handjob.
I came 3 times in the shower trying to wash it off!
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