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What do a Rubik's Cube and a penis have in common?
The longer you play with them, the harder they get!
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What's the definition of a healthy virgin?
One who has never been bed-ridden!
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What is the definition of disgusting?
Buying condoms from a secondhand shop!
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Tu Jeera because your dad decided to Cumin and Pulao!
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Son: Mom, why Daddy has a snake.
Mom: That's why I am sitting on it.
Son: Mom, Nanny is more brave than you.
Mom: Why?
Son: Because she eats Daddy's snake!
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Orgasms are one of the healthiest forms of stress relief.
So when I tell you to go fuck yourself, it's because I care!
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Me: May I cum in, Ma'am?
Ma'am: Yes, cum inside!
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If an ass is called a 'butt', then a good ass should be called 'butter'!
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Take it easy people. Pretty soon, you'll be able to kiss and have sex with the one you love.
But for now, just stay home and do it with the one you are married to!
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Son: Dad, is there any place where people love everyone no matter their race colour or sexuality?
Dad: Yes son, it's called Pornhub!
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