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How do you know when your wife is dead?
The sex is the same but the dishes pile up!
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Masturbation is the only thing that is not taxed, regulated or illegal. That's your 'freedom'. You are free to go fuck yourself!
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I regret choosing to be an accountant.
I thought "double entry" was something else!
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No one cleans better than a man expecting to get laid!
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My bachelor friend told me that he hasn't had sex in such a long time that he's beginning to feel like he's married!
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I asked my girlfriend why she never blinks during sex.
She said, "There isn't just enough time!"
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The world is not full of assholes, but they are strategically placed so that you'll come across one every day!
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1980 - Don't Touch
1990 - Touch But Don't Kiss
2000 - Kiss But Kuch Mat Karna
2010 - Sab Karlo But Kisi Ko Batana Mat
2020 - Sab Karo Warna Bata Dungi Tum Kuch Nahi Kar Sakte!
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900 people get Coronavirus and the whole world wants to wear a surgical mask.
30 million people have AIDS but still nobody wants to wear a condom!
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Rose Dene Wali Nahi,
Roz Dene Wali Chahiye!
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