Jeeto: If you wanted to change one thing about me, what would it be?
Santa: Your husband!
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Banta: What procrastinate means?
Santa: I'll tell you later!
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Pappu: Dad, I have a doubt?
Santa: What's it, son?
Pappu: I learned that Shri Ram attained Golden status by listening to his father in Satyayug.
Santa: That's true, son.
Pappu: But then Prahlad became great by not listening to his father in Tretayug.
Santa: That is also true.
Pappu: So, kindly enlighten me that should I listen to you or not?
Santa: My dear son, we are living in Kaliyug. It's good for both of us to listen to your mother to lead a harmonious life!
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Banta: What is the golden rule for a successful married life?
Santa: Wait. Honey, they're asking what is the golden rule for a successful married life. What should I tell them?
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Banta: How do you express your anger to your wife?
Santa: By aggressively washing the dishes and mopping the floor!
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Banta: Why did you deactivate your social media accounts?
Santa: I don't use them anymore?
Banta: Then why your Facebook account is still active?
Santa: Just to know my wife's birthday!
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Banta: The symptoms of Corona Virus are sweating, weakness, diarrhea and stomach pains.
Santa: So basically it's the same kind of feeling I get when I see my wife checking my phone!
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Santa: My life hasn't been the same since my accident.
Banta: What accident?
Santa: The one where I got my finger stuck in that wedding ring!
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Jeeto: Look, I asked you to fix this damn kitchen cabinet three years ago.
Santa: For your information, you did preface that with "When you get a chance"!
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Jeeto: Happy New Year.
Santa: Promise?
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