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David Copperfield is doing his magic show and asks if anyone would like to show him a trick.

"I will", replies a guy in the audience, "but I'm going to need your wife Claudia and a table."

"Ok", says David and the guy gets on stage.

He then bends Claudia over the table, pulls down her knickers and starts f**king her from behind.

David is now very pissed off and says, "That isn't a trick!!!"

The guy just looks at David Copperfield and replies, "I know, it's fucking magic."
Banta runs into his office, wearing only a hat and carrying a briefcase. His boss stops him and says, "What are you doing, Banta? Do you realize you're naked? Shouldn't this be your day off?"

Banta calmly explains that he was on a party when suddenly the lights went out. Some voice said, "Gentleman, take off your ties." Somebody turned on the lights again and not a single guy was wearing a tie.

The situation repeated - the lights went out, but this time the voice said "Gentleman, strip naked." When the light went back on, the ladies started giggling and clapping their hands because all the guys were naked.

The lights went out again and this time the voice said, "Ladies, take your clothes off!" When the light came back on, all the ladies were naked.

The same voice said, "Gentleman, now get to work!"

"So I grabbed my hat and briefcase and came here, sir."