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A Nigerian man goes on blind date, picks up his date in a large BMW.

The girl comments, "This car is Big! "

He replies, "Ah ma sista, everyting in Nigeria is big!"

They get to a restaurant for dinner, to which she says, "This place is huge!"

He replies, "I olready tod you ma sista, everything in Nigeria is big!"

Later they head to his mansion...."WOW" she says, "Your house is massive!"

"Yes ma sista I olready told you everyting in Nigeria is big !!!"

They get into foreplay, when she comments, "Ummmmmmm your thing is gigantic!"

He chuckles and says, "Ahhhhhhhh ma sista I olready tod you everyting in Nigeria is big!"

And as he enters her, he pauses for a moment, ".....mmmmm ma sista are you also from Nigeria?"
A doctor complains to his colleagues about the sanitary problems at a latex glove factory in Mexico.

"Workers stick their hands in melted latex and then dip their hands in a vat of cooling water to solidify the latex. The glove is then thrown in a finished products box."

His colleagues are disgusted by the lack of care taken in keeping the gloves sanitary.

"That's not all," says the doctor. "You don't even want to know how they make their condoms!"