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A middle manager is called into his bosses office on a Monday morning. He is told he has to get rid of one employee in his department by the next Monday.

He's really upset. Everyone in his department does a good job and it doesn't seem fair. So for the next 2 days he racks his brain trying to figure out who to fire. On Tuesday afternoon he sees Jack and Jill standing at the water cooler.

He says to himself, "Okay it's going to be one of them."

He spends the next few days scrutinizing what each of them does. Everything is equal. Productivity. Time off. Reports. Everything. He's in a quandary. It's Friday afternoon and he knows his going to have to think about this all weekend. Everyone has left the office except Jack and Jill, who are getting ready to leave. She comes over to say goodbye.

"Have a good weekend boss. Hey you don't look so good. Is everything okay?"

He looks at her and says, "To be honest, I'm having a tough time here. I can't decide if I should lay you or Jack off."

And she looks at him and says "Well I have to catch a bus, so I suggest you jack off.
It was their 50th wedding anniversary and the elderly couple, in their 70's, decided to relive the honeymoon. When they arrived at the hotel where they had stayed that first night they found the lobby full of people. They made there way up to the desk and were informed that there was a convention in town. Luckily they had made a reservation in advance requesting the same room. They went up to the room, unpacked, then went down into the dining room and had a fine meal, ordering the same food and wine and after dining returned to their room. The husband, as he had done before, ordered champagne from room service.

As they were preparing for bed the wife, slightly intoxicated said, "Honey, remember our first night? You stood by the door, I stood over by the window, and we ran to each other and I jumped up right into your arms."

"How can I forget," he said, "you looked so beautiful."

"Let's do it that way again."

"No way," he said, "we're to old for that foolishness now."

"Nonsense." she replied, backing up to the window.

"O.K." he said, "why not?" They took off all their clothes, she hollered go, and they ran at each other and missed.

She hit the door with a bang, and he went flying out the window. As luck would have it, the room was only on the second floor and the old man landed in a dumpster full of cardboard boxes. He was shaken up a bit, but unhurt. He began looking around to see what he could find to cover himself with. There was nothing. Just then a bellhop came around the corner. He called him over and asked him to get a robe or a towel, anything so he could get back to his room.

The bellhop said, 'Come with me now and I'll take you through the lobby."

"The lobby!" he said, "It's crowded with people and I'm naked."

"No problem," said the bellhop, there's no one in the lobby. If we hurry no one will see you."

The old man said, "Where did all the people go?"

The bellhop answered, "Oh, there all up on the second floor watching the hotel doctor try to pry some old lady off a doorknob."