Q. A woman was driving an old Honda City car when she mistakenly hit a 2017 Range Rover Evoke.

The lady came out from her Range Rover insulting the other lady for not being careful, asking her to repair her Range Rover.

The woman with the Honda City called her husband, he replied that he was busy, that she should try fix up things and that they will meet later at home.

The lady with the Range Rover called her boyfriend and said "Sweetheart someone just hit the birthday gift you gave me, I am so angry, please come over."

Few minutes later her boyfriend arrived. He is the husband to the lady with the Honda City car.

Discuss the possible legal consequences for all 3 parties... (20 Marks).
A girl showed interest in only marrying a lawyer.

I asked the girl, "Why do you prefer a lawyer to marry?"

She said, "They bow their head while entering the room and again while going out. They say 'your honor' or 'my lord' before and after every word."

"They don't have any male ego; because, they wear a gown!"

"They go to a BAR where liquor is not served."

"More importantly, they never question the judgment at least before the person who gives it, whether they like it or not."

"What more does a wife require???"