On one fine sunny day, Akbar and Birbal were taking a leisurely walk in the palace gardens. Suddenly, Akbar thought of testing Birbal's wits by asking him a tricky question.

Emperor asked Birbal, "How many crows are there in our kingdom?"

Birbal could sense the amusement in the king's voice, and within a few minutes Birbal replied, "My king, there are eighty thousand nine hundred and seventy-one crows in our kingdom.""

Surprised and amazed, Akbar further tested Birbal, "What if we have more crows?"

Birbal replied, "Oh, then the crows from the other kingdoms must be visiting us."

"What if there are lesser crows?" asked Akbar.

"Well, then some of our crows must be visiting other kingdoms," replied Birbal with a grin on his face.

Akbar smiled at Birbal's great sense of humour and wit.
One day, Birbal was talking of a dinner he had eaten the day before. In doing so, he described brinjal (baingan) as be -gun i.e. without any good qualities.

Akbar, who at the very moment was passing by, overheard this and started praising the qualities of the brinjal as bahu-gun i.e one without myriad qualities.

Birbal promptly agreed.

Thereupon, Akbar remonstrated with Birbal and asked him how Birbal could contradict himself.

Birbal, with his famous presence of mind, retorted, "But Your Highness, I am your servant and not of the brinjal!"